How to Install Vinyl Garage Doors How to Install Vinyl Garage Doors

What You'll Need
Vinyl garage doors
Tape measure
Step ladder
Drill or impact driver
Socket wrench

Many homeowners today choose vinyl garage doors when they are building a new garage or replacing an old door. Vinyl garage doors are durable and generally come with a lifetime warranty that protects your investment. Usually more expensive than regular garage doors, you will see a big difference in the maintenance, long lasting ability, and look of new vinyl garage doors. Installing them, like any other garage door, is a challenging project. and requires attention to specifics and good measurements. Vinyl doors are much lighter than other garage doors, but are long and will also require the help of a friend.

Step 1 - Place First Sectional Piece in Garage Door Opening

The first sectional part of vinyl garage doors is the most important part of the installation. Install the weatherstripping to the bottom of the piece and then lay it in the garage door opening. With the section in place, right against the jam, make sure it is centered and there is at least 1 inch overlap on each side of the door jamb. Drive nails into each side to temporarily hold it in place.

Step 2 - Assemble Railings

Once the first section is set into place you can then assemble the railing system that will the sections will roll on when being opened or closed. Since most of the manufacturers have slight variations to how their rails are assembled, you will have to read their directions.

Step 3 - Slide Railing into First Roller

After you have completed assembling the pieces of the rail assembly you can then slide it onto the first sectional piece. Fit a roller onto the hinged part on the top of the section. With that complete, slide the vertical rail onto the roller until it rests on the floor. Do the same with the other side.

Step 4 - Install Each Sectional Piece

With the first section in place, and on the rail, you can then begin to layer each section on top of it. Install the rollers onto each vinyl section and then slide onto the railing system. Attach the hinges of the upper section to the door below it to complete one continual door. Check for level and plumb after each new section.

Step 5 - Secure Side Railing

Once the vinyl garage doors sections are in place, you can then secure the side railing to the wall of the garage. Use a drill with a socket bit, a socket wrench, or light impact gun to do the job.

Step 6 - Install Curved and Top Rail Section

Place the curved rail over the vertical railing and bolt together. With this in place, attach the top railing to the curved section. You can rest this top part on a ladder to keep it from bending down. 

Step 7 - Secure Railing

While keeping the top section of the garage door level, install the rear track hanger. You may need to cut this with a hacksaw if it hangs down too far. Simply bolt to the roof of your garage and then bolt the rail to the hanger. Do the same with the forward rail hanger. Repeat on the other side.

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