How to Install Vinyl Shingle Siding Part 3

What You'll Need
Metal Starter Strips
Trim Channel
J Channel
Utility Channel
Rigid Foam Board
Corner Moldings
Galvanized Shingle Nails
Circular Saw
Plywood Blade or Knife

Installing your own vinyl shingle siding can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Follow this job to complete this job quickly and efficiently.

Step 1 – Custom Cut

Because the soffit pieces that you are working with will typically come in lengths of 12 feet, you will need to custom cut each piece so that it can fit the spans. Whenever you have the diagonal corner pieces fully installed, you will need to get the pieces that are left cut. You will need to either pry the channel back so that you can get access to it or you will need to bend the soffit pieces together.

Step 2 – Remove Gutter

Once you have successfully removed the soffit, you will need to get the gutter removed. You will need to get lengths of fascia that are perforated and slide them over the cover below the gutter apron. The fascia will need to be nailed with pre painted or galvanized nails. Whenever you are joining the pieces of fascia together, you will need to go just a little bit past the original eave of the fascia. Once you have done this, you are ready to replace the gutter.

Step 3 – Install Siding

Whenever you are installing the siding, you will need to snap it into place where you can hook the bottom lip underneath the starter strip. Once you have slid it into the corner, you will nail it about every 16 inches.

Step 4 – Join Siding

Whenever you are joining two different pieces of the siding, you will need to make sure that you lap one of the lengths over the top of the other about an inch. Consider which angle will look best to those passing by and the direction that they will typically be walking to see it.

Step 5 – Deck

If there is a deck at your home, you will need to make sure that you have a starter strip that is on either side of the deck. There will also need to be trim that will fit above your deck. Installation will need to go along the siding on both sides of your deck. It is a good idea to measure about 8 inches from the top of the row that you are working on. A string will need to be stretched along the deck. Once you have done this, trim all the way around the door that is leading all the way into the deck. Trim for the windows and doors should be about 1¼ inches deep.