How to Install Vinyl Weatherstripping

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Vinyl weatherstripping
White vinegar
Household cleaner

Having the skill to install vinyl weatherstripping can be a useful one to ensure that your home remains energy efficient and draft free. You will find that you can undertake the task yourself when you have the right tools.

Step 1 – Inspect Windows

It is important to closely examine the area where the strips are to be fitted as there are several types of vinyl weatherstripping which are not all suitable for every window. Further, there are several ways in which to fix the strips in place and the type of window will guide you in this regard. Though self-adhesive vinyl is widely available, it can be difficult to apply it properly. Vinyl strips are suitable for flat smooth surfaces. At this stage, measure all the windows to be fitted with the strips so that you can be aware of the extent of stripping required.

Step 2 – Prepare Surface

Prior to installing the vinyl weatherstripping, you must prepare the surface that it is to be added to by cleaning it. This will ensure that the stripping fits into place properly without suffering the problem of water or dirt creeping beneath it to cause damage or dislodge it. A standard household cleaner diluted in water can be used to clean the entire surface before it being thoroughly dried. If your window has suffered from mold as a result of condensation, you should take more care with the cleaning to ensure that you remove any traces of the spores. Apply some white vinegar to a cloth and use this to clean with as it will serve to kill the mold. Follow this up by wiping with a cloth dampened with water before drying it.

Step 3 – Cut Strips

Most hardware stores will have a range of vinyl weatherstripping available and many will come in a roll; the most popular are tubular or V shaped. Once you have obtained the variety relevant for your windows, you will be in a position to cut the strips. Use the measurements you took earlier and, if in any doubt, measure again. Use a pair of scissors to cut the vinyl strips in accordance with these dimensions. If necessary, lay them on the floor in accordance with where they will go to prevent them becoming mixed up.

Step 4 – Install Stripping

Begin to fit the weatherstrips by placing one end into the corner and holding it in place. Particular attention must be paid when securing the vinyl to the corners of the window as it must fit snugly to provide effective protection against the weather. When you have it in the correct position, carefully plant a nail against the vinyl close to one end and hammer it into place. Continue with this process by inserting a nail approximately every 3 inches or in accordance with the instructions. Close the window to test the sealing capability of the strip.