How to Install Wainscoting on Inside Corners

white wainscoting
  • 2-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 30-300
What You'll Need
Tongue and Groove Pine Planks
Air Nailer
Finish Nails
Construction Adhesive
Tape Measure
Table Saw

An easy way to dramatically change the look of a room without spending a lot of money is to install wainscoting along the walls. This type of wall treatment is a simple process of installing wood planks or sheets of wainscoting along the wall. They typically cover a portion and can end with a chair rail around the perimeter of your room. The look is great for a formal dining room or a relaxing den. Tongue and groove planks are the most commonly used material for this project. Though it can be tricky, you can easily follow the steps below to install the wainscoting on an inside corner of your room.

Step 1 - Measure for Height

When you begin to install the wainscoting, one of the things that you do to prepare the wall is to measure the height of where you want the wainscoting to be on the wall. From there, make a chalk line to ensure you keep a consistent height. As you get closer to the corner, you will want to make separate measurements to ensure that the planks are going to be long enough.

Step 2 - Measure Width Needed

hands and measuring tape

Once you get to the corner, you will need to cut down the plank to fit the width. Measure from the edge of the last plank and the edge of the corner. One way to do this accurately is to scribe a piece of wood. Lay a full plank alongside the place where it will be going, but have it backwards. Tie a string to two pencils that is the length of the width between the last piece of wood and the edge of the corner. Have one pencil on the plank, and place the other along the edge of the wall. Run both pencils down the length of the board. This will help you cut a plank that will fit precisely in the corner, even if the wall is a little crooked.

Step 3 - Cut Wainscoting

Next take the wainscoting board to the table saw and cut it to the right height. After you have finished, you will then line up the line you drew with your pencil and cut along that line. You will be cutting off the tongue of the board, but you will not need it for the corner application.

Step 4 - Install Board

tan wall and white beadboard

Once you have the wainscoting plank cut to size, you can then place it on the wall. Make sure it fits correctly. Apply some construction adhesive to the back of the plank, and press it on the wall. Secure with some finish nails.

Step 5 - Start Second Wall

Once you have the plank to finish off the first wall going into the inside corner, you can begin working on the next wall. Measure up from the floor to the height of your wainscoting, and cut a new plank to fit. Since you are starting a new row, you do not need to cut the board's width. However, you will have to cut off the groove portion of the board with the table saw. Apply some construction adhesive to the back of the wainscoting board, and press onto the wall, butted up against the previous corner planks. Secure with finish nails.