How to Install Wainscoting on Outside Corners

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What You'll Need
Wainscoting boards
Air nailer
Finish nails
Construction adhesive
Table saw
Tape measure

One of the many ways that homeowners will add a touch of luxury and elegance to a room of their house is to install wainscoting along the walls. Wainscoting provides a way to cover up a portion of the wall with beaded planks, straight boards, or entire panels with some sort of texture on it. Installing wainscoting in a room is a very easy DIY project. There are some applications that are a little tricky. If you are installing wainscoting or considering it, and you have outside corners in your room, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 - Measure Height of Wall

You will need to start at the bottom of the wall and measure up to get the height you need for your wainscoting. If you have been working along the wall, you will still need to measure for every board to make sure there is no variance in the length of the boards.

Step 2 - Measure From Last Board to Corner

To install wainscoting on the outside facing corner, you will need to make an outside angle cut. This means that you will have a wider board on one side of the corner than you will on the other. Measure from the last board you placed on the wall to the edge of the corner.

Step 3 - Cut Wainscoting Plank to Size

white wainscoting

Using a table saw, cut the plank to the height you need it. Make an adjustment to the blade so that it will cut with a 45-degree angle. You will now need to run the plank through the table saw again lengthwise to make the corner angle down the entire edge of the plank.

Step 4 - Cut Angle in Wainscoting

For the other side of the corner angle, you will need to have an adjoining wainscoting plank that butts up against the first one. This will be done by using another miter cut, but in a different direction. The previous cut was made under the face of the plank, while this one is going to go on top of the face of the plank. After taking the measurement for height, you can cut the plank to the size you need it as well as the corner angle.

Step 5 - Install Wainscoting

wainscoting on a decorated wall

Once all of the cuts are made, you can install the wainscoting boards over the outside corner. Place a bead of adhesive on the back of the first board, and place it on the wall. Use an air gun with some finish nails to install the wainscoting in place. Make sure to place the nails in the beads or along the tongue of the plank.

Install the second board with adhesive on the back and lining it up with the corner edge of the first one. There should be a seamless transition around the corner. Secure with finish nails.

Step 6 - Continue to Install Wainscoting

Once the corner has been completed, you can carry on with the wainscoting installation for the rest of the wall.