How to Install Wall Mounted Headboards

What You'll Need
Screw gun or drill
Wall mounted headboard
Stud finder

A new headboard can change the whole look of your room and a perfect solution for this can be the use of wall mounted headboards. Wall mounted headboards offer a wide variety of textures, fabrics and styles that will fit in with all of your decorating needs. Do you need more storage space for books and other treasures? Try a wall mounted bookcase headboard. Would you like to comfortably sit up in bed while you watch television? Perhaps a padded headboard is for you. Whatever your individual style, you are sure to find the perfect wall mounted headboard to fit your taste and décor. The installation of your wall mounted headboard can be accomplished in a few simple steps. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Measure the Headboard

The first thing you will need to do is measure the distance between the hooks in the back of your headboard. These hooks are actually small holes that attach to screws in the wall to hold the headboard in place.  You will also need to measure the distance from the floor to the hook in the wall mounted headboard. If your headboard does not have legs to it, you will need to measure the bed from the floor to the top of the mattress and add 1 inch to the height of the bed to the bottom of the headboard. Then measure from the one inch mark to the hooks in the headboard.

Step 2: Locate the Studs

The next step is to locate the studs inside the wall. The stud is a beam of wood inside of the wall that supports the wall. You can use a stud finder or rap the wall with your knuckles. The wall will sound hollow away from the stud and flat when you knock on the stud itself. You will need to place the screws in the stud so that your wall mounted headboard does not fall off the wall in the middle of the night.

Step 3: Mark the Stud

Using your measurements and the location of the stud, mark the place where you will put your screws to hold up your wall mounted headboard. Use a pencil for this because pencil is easy to remove if you make a mistake.

Step 4: Place Your Screws

Using your screw gun or drill, place the screws that you will hang your wall mounted headboard on into the wall at the correct location. You may wish to use wall anchors for added security if your headboard is heavy. Do not screw the screws all the way into the wall. You will need to hang the wall mounted headboard on them just like you would a picture.

Step 5: Hang the Wall Mounted Headboard

The last step is to hang your wall mounted headboard. This step may require a friend to help as the headboard will be very awkward to maneuver by yourself. Line the headboard up and hang it from the screws like you would a picture. Use your level to make sure your new headboard is straight. Enjoy a new look and feel to your room.