How to Install Wall to Wall Carpet

corner carpet getting installed
  • 10-30 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 500-5,000
What You'll Need
Pencil and paper
Tape measure or laser measure
Carpet padding
Knee pads
Carpet kicker
Tack strip
Masking tape
Staple gun

Installing wall-to-wall carpet can be easy to do, usually taking a couple of days. However, you may need to enlist the help of a friend to help roll out the carpet completely. Here is a how-to list of what you need to do to get your new carpet installed in your room.

Step 1 - Measurements and Carpet

Using a tape measure or a laser room measure, measure the room's length and width. Take some time to diagram the room, so you know where the longest and widest sections of the room are.

Take a look at your measurements and add a couple of extra inches to both the length and the width measurements. This will give you extra room for your threshold and the seams. Note that carpeting usually comes in 12' and 15' widths. Don't forget to purchase good-quality carpet padding.

Step 2 - Floor Squeaks

Walk around the floor surface and check for squeaks. Using pieces of masking tape, mark the squeak locations with an "X" pattern.

On the locations marked "X, "add a screw. This will help to minimize and remove the squeaking sounds completely.

Step 3 - Install the Tack Strip

wall to wall carpet in a living room with furniture and a fireplace

Alongside the edges of your room, install a tack strip. The tack strip should not be installed so that it is flush with the wall. Instead, make sure you maintain a small gap between the tack strip and the wall. To check the gap, slide your fingers in between the edge of the tack strip and the wall. Hammer and nail the tack strip into place.

Roll out the carpet padding onto the floor. Pull the carpet padding as close to the tack strip as possible. Add extra padding by door entryways and thresholds. Tack the carpet padding down with a staple gun.

Step 4 - Roll out the Carpet

Roll the carpet over the carpet padding. Position the carpet in the room, leaving a little extra carpet along the perimeter.

Fit the carpet to the room. Make small precise cuts to size the carpet appropriately for the room. To make the carpet flush against the wall's baseboard, use a knee kicker and kick the carpet to the baseboard. Place a nail every 6". Hammer the nail only halfway down. Repeat this process around the entire perimeter of the room.

Step 5 - Trim and Stretch the Carpet

Trim the carpet next to the wall using a sharp knife. Tack the carpet down using the side of the hammer. The carpet should firmly set into the tack strip. Do not use the head of the hammer, as it will bend the tack stripping, and the carpet will not fit appropriately around the room. Using a power stretcher, re-stretch the carpet and fit it into the gully between the wall and the tack stripping.