How to Install Wet Bar Cabinets

What You'll Need
Cabinet doors
Electric screwdriver
Electric saw
Tape measure

A wet bar can be a central place in the home where entertaining is at its highest, but wet bar cabinets add a much rounded use for this entertaining fixture. A wet bar, in many instances, is where you can get a drink of water or other beverage. There is often a sink connected to it with a fresh water line running to a simple faucet. A wet bar can also be a place to mix drinks for parties when you do not have the space to make an actual bar. In order for a wet bar to be versatile it is a good idea to install wet bar cabinets. The following article will show you how to add wet bar cabinets to an existing wooden wet bar.

Step 1 - Measuring for the Doors

A wet bar is a simple build, where you have a wooden base that is hollow, a wooden floor, a wooden top and a more complex top that sits on the wood. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is the front, where the wet bar cabinets will go. To determine the cabinet door size you will need to measure the height and width of the purchased cabinet doors. Subtract his number by two inches all around. Now, use the tape measure to find the center of the wet bar. Leave a five inch spacer between multiple cabinets in the center and two inches from the edges, both top and bottom. Use the pencil to mark the outline of the soon-to-be wet bar cabinet doors.

Step 2 - Readying the Cabinet Doors

You will want to place the hinges on the cabinet doors, as well as a handle. Turn the cabinet doors over in your work area. You will work from the back because it is a flat surface, which makes it easier. Place the hinges on the door where you would like them. Usually, you would find hinges located two inches from the top and bottom of the door. Use the electric screwdriver to affix the hinges in place. At this point you can sand and stain the front of the cabinet doors. You will install the handle from the front, so turn the cabinet doors over. Place the handle in a flat area of the cabinet door and as center to the edge as possible, and then screw in place.

Step 3 - Installing the Wet Bar Cabinets

Use the electric saw and carefully cut the front of the wet bar around the lines you drew previously. Be careful to not cut too far through the wood because you do not want to damage the wall behind the wet bar or the pipes. Where the holes are you can sand down the rough edges. If there is no floor you can make one from a sheet of plywood and a piece of lumber. Now, line the cabinet doors up and install them in place with the other half of the hinges.