How To Install Window Curtain Hardware

What You'll Need
Window curtain hardware
Straight edge

Adding curtains to your windows can give an elegant touch to any room. Window curtain hardware enhances the curtain's style, but can be an expensive accessory. You may want to skip the costly installation fees by installing this hardware yourself. It does not have to be a long, frustrating ordeal. Simply follow the guidelines below and you can install your window curtain hardware yourself with ease.

Step One – Picking Out the Curtain Rods

While some curtain rods rest directly on top of your window frame, they tend not to be stable. Instead, you can install window curtain hardware that easily screws into the wall above your window, for a more professional-looking, durable result. 

Step Two – Installing the Rods

Before you install the curtain rods into your wall, you need to measure the length of your curtains. The height of your rod depends entirely on the length of your curtains. Add 2 inches to the curtain length for the curtain rod's height. This is assuming that you want your curtains to be slightly raised off of the floor. You can adjust the height of your rod as you see fit.

Draw the points where your rod will be screwed into place on your wall.  Use a straight edge to make sure that these holes are level with each other. Next, screw in the rod. You might need to use a power drill and/or dry wall plugs depending on the wall's material.

Step Three – Connecting the Rods

Since most curtain rods are sold as two parts, you will need to repeat Step Two to install the rod on the opposite side as well. After both sides are secured, connect the two parts. Measure the width of your rods. Divide this measurement in half to decide where to put the support joining both rods. Once this has been screwed into place, attach both rods with the connecting piece and your work is done.

Installing your window curtain hardware is not a lengthy process. You need to make sure that you decide on the best height for your curtains according to the look you are trying to achieve and you must absolutely make sure that the rod is level. Once all of this is accomplished, you can admire your handiwork.