How to Install Wood Floor Registers

Wood floor registers are the air vents found on house floors which are often used to replace plain and aesthetically unappealing gray wooden registers. They not only upgrade the interior décor of your house but also allow you to control the air flow in rooms. Available in various styles and designs (to suit specific customer needs), they are manufactured in an extensive variety of materials including brass, aluminum, wood and plastic.

Installing wood floor registers is only a moderately challenging project and using the tools, as per the steps mentioned below, you can go about it with almost no difficulty.

Tools and Equipment Needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring Tape

Step 1: Choose the Design

Before you proceed with the installation project, you must first do your research and understand the dimensions of your choice in wooden floor registers. They work best for newly constructed houses and would look incorporated with the rest of your house if you have a lot of wood work around. The hardware of your cabinets, light fixtures and other materials of the same category should preferably be made out of wood so that wooden floor registers don’t look out of place. Moreover, the final result in terms of the appearance and ambience both would also depend upon the selected design of your material. These designed wooden floor registers can be personalized to add a tint of your personality in your house and at the same time offer class, stature and modernity to the room where they are installed.

Step 2: Remove the Old Wooden Registers

Once the design has been chosen and the advantages as well as the limitations of the wooden floor registers have been understood, the old floor registers would need to be removed; this can be easily done with the help of a simple screwdriver. Removing the four screws at the four respective corners (which keep the register in place) would do the trick allowing you to take the initial register off.

Step 3: Take the Measurements

Once the old registers have been removed, use a measuring tape to measure the dimensions of the opening of the vent in the floor. These measurements are often standard in home construction and should not, therefore, cause any issue or problem.

Step 4: Make your Purchase

Once you have the measurements, purchase the new floor registers as per your specifications. However, it is advisable not to leave the vent open and cover it up until the new replacement arrives. Replacing the old registers might also be used to cover the area.

Step 5: Install the New Registers

When you are done with your purchase or it has arrived (in case you ordered it online) install the new wooden floor registers by firstly removing the old ones (if you put them back in Step 4) and screw the new registers into place.

Step 6: Further Improvement

Many homeowners stop their home improvement process with the new registers, overlooking cold air return registers. Since, they are available from a wide variety of home improvement stores with matching floor lines, it is a good idea to purchase them along with your wooden floor registers so as to add the maximum value possible to your house in a relatively little more investment.