How To Install Wood Shingles

What You'll Need
Wood Shingles
Nail Gun
Marking Utensil
Tape Measure
Chalk Line

Wood shingles might easily be the best option for giving your home a rugged aesthetic. If you are thinking about installing your own wood shingles, you may feel overwhelmed. Following these steps will keep your wood shingle installation quick and easy.

Step 1-Choose the Wood Shingles

The first step is for you to choose your wood shingles. Make sure that you find a durable wood for shingle use. Generally, Cedar is the wood of choice. When you are looking for the wood shingles, be sure to choose a wood with a serious treatment so that it can hold up to the climate. Check for treated wood shingles that can stand against weathering from the sun, wind, and rain.

Step 2-Roof Safety Check

Before you begin to actually install your wood shingles, you need to have your safety system in place. If you are working on the roof yourself, be sure to have a sturdy ladder. From this point, you will want to have any safety mechanisms possible. Good shoes and practice laps will help you to walk steadily on the roof before you begin your project.

Step 3-Start at the Edge

The first place for you to start is at the bottom of the roof. You want to make sure that you start at the edge. Measure out, with the use of the chalk line and tape measure, a few inches of overhang. Check with the manufacturer of your wood shingles to know the exact measurement. Then, with a nail gun, nail in each wood shingle piece by piece for the first row. This will be the first row of your roof and is crucial to the rest of your build. Be sure to take your time and to have precise measurements.

Step 4-Continue Line by Line

Read the instructions from the manufacturer of the wood shingles. You need to understand exactly how far each wood shingle should overlap on the previous line. When you have figured out the exact line, measure on each side of the roof. Attach the chalk line to each side. Pull the chalk line to snap the line onto all of the shingles, and continue as you would have for the first line.

Take your time with wood shingles to ensure that you have correct lines. This will help you to have a better look and feel for your wood shingled home.