How to Install Wooden Beach Signs How to Install Wooden Beach Signs

What You'll Need
High speed drill
Wide flat head hammer
Socket wrench
Drill bit
Wooden posts

Making your beach well-known and frequently visited will be easy if you make use of wooden signs. Since many people and a lot of tourists visit and drop by the beaches any time of the year, it would be appropriate for you to make use of a wooden sign that could stand the test of time and can make your place more attractive. It can also give your beach area an attracting aura.

Installing your wooden beach sign is not difficult and will not consume much of your time and money. The availability of wooden materials is definitely a plus. In addition to that, you need not have special skills in installation, and you do not have to buy specialized materials to put it in place as well.

Like any other installation process, you should primarily check where you would like to place your wooden beach sign. 

When the materials and the location are all set up, you can now start installing your beach wooden sign with the following steps:

Step one

Place the wooden sign on your desired location. Take note that the location of your sign should be noticeable, and it should not be easily flown away by strong winds or taken away by looters. Placing your wooden beach signs on a post rather than hanging is a better option.

Step two

Using the marker, mark the portion of the wood you would like to put a hole through. Since most sign boards are rectangular, you can mark the four corners of your wood. The marks should neither be too close to the corner nor too far. The distance should be appropriately measured and equal in all the corners.

Step three

Drill the marked portion of the wooden sign using a power drill. The drill should be steady so you can create the perfect hole you need.

Step four

Once the wood has been drilled, place the screws or the knobs that will keep the wooden board in place. Make sure they are tightly placed so your wooden sign cannot be easily removed or taken away.

Step five

Recheck the installed wooden sign. If there is anything wrong with your installation, it would be best if you cover it up or perfect it immediately to avoid damages or prolonged problems.

Step six

Attach the wooden board to a wooden post. You may also use two wooden posts for a stronger hold. Make sure that the posts are long enough. Keep in mind that about half the length of the post will be buried in the sand. Use a hammer and nail the wooden board to the posts. You may also use a strong rope and tie the board to the post.

Step seven

Bury half the length of the post into the beach sand using a hammer or mallet. Make sure that they are strong enough to withstand strong winds coming from the ocean.

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