How to Install Xenon Fog Lights How to Install Xenon Fog Lights

What You'll Need
xenon fog lights
work gloves
high intensity ballast

Installing xenon fog lights in a car is an easy, do it yourself project. If you have the right kit then the normal fog lights in your car can be replaced with the xenon ones in a matter of a few minutes. Also make a note that in comparison to the normal fog lights the xenon lights require higher electrical charge. Read on to find out how to successfully install xenon fog lights in your car.

Step 1 – Safety and Prep Work

Take a few safety precautions before you start installing xenon fog lights to the car. Make sure you have your work gloves on at all times. Safety goggles are also a must. The car has to be parked in a well lit area. There should be enough room for you to work. Also ascertain that there is no clutter in the work area.

Step 2 – Disconnect the Battery

Access the battery in your car's engine. Open the hood and locate the battery. Now unscrew the nut on the clamp. This will loosen the hold. Remove the negative cable from the battery's negative terminal. Make a note of how it was connected as you will have to reconnect it later.

Step 3 – Remove the Plug and the Fog Light

Locate the electric plug in the engine compartment. This plug will be found running towards the car's fog light. The fog light is located right below the car's headlights. Disconnect the plug. Once the electric plug is disconnected you can easily remove the fog light. Hold on to the fog light and turn it in the counterclockwise direction. Now slowly remove it from the assembly.

Step 4 – Plug In

The electrical connector or plug has to be connected to the high intensity ballast. Plug it into the input slot of the ballast. This will facilitate the easy flow of the desired capacity to handle the high energy requirement of the xenon fog lights.

Step 5 – Install the Xenon Fog Lights

Place the xenon fog lights into the respective light housings. The tabs on the xenon fog lights must coincide with that provided in the housing.

Step 6 – Secure

After placing the bulb you must make sure that it is secured into the housing. For this hold on to the bulb and turn it around gently. Make sure you turn it in the clockwise direction.

Step 7 – Re-connectiing

Now hold the bulb in one hand and the connector in the other. Slowly plug the two together. Place the negative cord to the battery's negative terminal. Tighten the nut. This will reconnect the battery system of the car.

Step 8 – Test

Turn the car on. Test the xenon fog lights. Make sure the lights turn on and give you the desired results. If the lights do not stat then recheck the connection.

Step 9 – Caution

Never touch the fog light with your bare hands. The oil in your fingers when transferred to the fog lights will damage the bulb.

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