How to Install your New Dog Fence

What You'll Need
Dog Fence
Concrete, quick setting
Chalk or spray paint

If you wish your dog to have the run of the back or font yard, you will have to purchase and install a dog fence. A dog fence is great to keep other people away from your dog and it makes sure your dog doesn’t simply wander off and get hurt by cars, people or other elements. To install a dog fence follow these simple directions.

Step 1 – Measure Your Dog

If your dog is full grown, take a tape measure and measure his or her height. If the dog is not full grown, estimate the dog’s full grown height. Multiply this number by three. This is the minimum suggested height for your dog fence. If you have a dog that has springs for legs, you may want to increase the height of the fence to accommodate their skillset to ensure they do not launch over the top of the fence once it's installed.

Step 2 – Measure the Vertical Open Sections

Measure the size of your dog’s head and then go measure how large of an opening the material for the dog fence permits. Make sure the vertical open sections are not as wide as your dog’s head because you do not want them to get stuck between the two areas of the fence.

Step 3 – Outline your Fence Line

Using a chalk line or using spray paint, lay out the design for your fenced in area. Make an “X” every place you intend to add a post. It is recommend you add posts at every 6-inch interval for stability.

Step 4 – Dig the Holes and Fill Them

Using a posthole digger, create holes for your dog fence. If you are in an area that gets frost, make sure you dig your holes at least 1 foot below the frost line. This will extend the life of your fence and will prevent it from rising above the ground. Center a post in the middle of the hole and fill the hole with quick-set concrete mixture. Allow your posts to set for at least 24 hours, longer, if you are located in a humid region.

Step 5 – Attach your Dog Fence

If using a wire mesh, roll out your dog fence and attach it to the posts. If using pre-fabricated wood slats, attach to the posts using nails, screws.

Step 6 – Add your Gate

Last, add your gate in the desired location by attaching one side of the gate to one of the posts.

Step 7 – Monitor your Dog

During the first couple of weeks, watch how your dog reacts to the space contained by your dog fence. Check to make sure the dog fence is securely fastened and check to make sure the dog can be safely maintained in the location.