How to Install Your Own Security Access Control System

What You'll Need
Wireless security control access system kit

You can pay a company to install a security access control system for you or you can do it yourself. The latter is a much cheaper course, since you won’t need to pay for labor, only the parts. For a hardwired security access control system, however, paying professionals is the best course. Do it yourself only if you’re going wireless.

Step 1 - Planning

Before you start on the installation of your wireless security access control system you need to know where to place everything. This will let you know how many window and door sensors you need. Also, think about where to put the control panel. It needs to be somewhere accessible (preferably close to the front door) and within easy range of an outlet and a phone jack. Once you’ve established exactly what you need you’ll be able to purchase the appropriate six of wireless security access control system.

Step 2 - Control Panel

The first item to put in place is the control panel. To do this you’ll only need to drill holes into the wall and screw it in place. Use anchors if you’re not screwing into a stud. For greater security you can run the power cord inside the wall. Failing that, try to keep the control panel out of view. If you’re having the security system monitored by an agency, run a line from the phone jack to the control panel.

Step 3 - Sensors

You should install sensors on all the windows and doors. If someone attempts to open the windows while the alarm is on, the alarm will ring. To attach the sensors, drill into the frames for the doors and window. One part of the sensor will go on the frame, and the other on the window or door. Breaking the contact between them will set off the alarm. Make sure the two parts line up properly. In some instances you might need to use an adhesive patch to hold the sensors in place if you’re unable to screw them in.

Step 4 - Set Up

With everything in place you’re ready to set up the wireless security access control system. Full instructions should be in the manual. First you’ll need to establish that the control panel and all the sensors are in communication. If not you might need to alter the frequency of the offending sensors.

After you have all these working it’s important to set your own security code for the control panel. Don’t use a default code. Make it something easily memorable, but do go for something obvious, such as 1234. Key this in and set it according to the owner’s manual for the system. Turn the system on. To test it, leave the house and close the door. Go back in. In 30 second the alarm should come on. Switch it off again. Try once more, this time going in and putting your code into the control panel to cancel the alarm. If using a monitoring service, contact them to set up the service properly.