How to Install Your Own Security Entry Doors

What You'll Need
Leveling tool
Caulk gun
Drip cap
Security entry door

Paying for a professional to install security entry doors can be very expensive and an unnecessary cost. You can install security entry doors yourself at a fraction of the cost. This DIY exercise is not too difficult and can easily be completed with a little time, patience, and a good set of instructions.

Step 1 – Preparing the Floor

You need to check whether the floor is level before installing security entry doors. To do this, use a measuring gauge. Place it on the floor by the door and identify whether the floor is level based on the location of the bubble in the center of the tool. If the floor is uneven, you must move the sill of the door to ensure that the door sits flat on the floor.

Step 2 – Preparing the Frame

Before installing security entry doors you must prepare the perimeter of the door. Use caulk to seal up the edges of the door. The caulk will act as additional protection to poor conditions. It will help to keep the wind and rain out of your home.

Step 3 – Installing the Drip Cap

This step is crucial to protecting your door and home from the rain. The purpose of the drip cap is to push water away from the door. This is particularly beneficial during the winter months. Too do this, cut a hole in the house wrap, allowing you to then install the drip cap. Follow the directions provided to do this. Alternatively you can search for directions online.

Step 4 – Installing your Door

When you install your door, make sure that it is installed tightly and securely. To do this use a strong bracket system and ensure it is well connected. This method will also allow flexibility which is required so that you can open and close the door.

Step 5 – Sealing the Gaps

The final step to complete your installation is to seal up the gaps. Leaving gaps will leave your home susceptible to water damage so this is a very important step. Caulk will complete this job and provide a strong finishing touch to your new door. The gap will be between your wall and door. Simply use the caulk to seal the gaps. Complete this step immediately after installation so that no damage can be done.

Tip – Choosing a Lock

The lock is the most important part of choosing a security entry door. Without a secure lock the doors will not offer security regardless of how well they have been installed. Locks with deadbolts offer additional protection from unwanted trespassers. These doors have 2 locks to add extra security. You could also upgrade your strike lock for additional security. Simply purchase a high security strike plate rather than an average one. Many other locks are available so research the various types of locks and select the best lock for your door based on your requirements.