How to Insulate a Guitar Speaker Cabinet

What You'll Need
Hammer with pry bar
Electric screwdriver
Silicone caulk
Caulking gun
Measuring tape
Utility knife

If you are a guitar player then you know how important it is to have a good guitar speaker cabinet. A poorly constructed guitar speaker cabinet will provide sound that rattles around the box causing the sound to degrade. Even a decently constructed guitar speaker cabinet can cause have poor or sub-standard insulation. Have no fear as you can easily insulate your guitar speaker cabinet yourself and this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Open the Guitar Speaker Cabinet

There are 2 ways you can do this which depends on how the guitar speaker cabinet was assembled. Examine the guitar speaker cabinet very closely. Look for where the sides are connected. If screws were you used then simply use the electric screwdriver to remove them. You will still most likely need to use the pry bar of the hammer to pry the pieces apart due to the glue being used.

If nails were used then use the hammer's pry bar to carefully remove the back of the guitar speaker cabinet. The pieces of the guitar speaker cabinet you are to concern yourself with is the back, both sides, the top, and the bottom. You will only need to remove the back but sometimes you may have no other choice but to totally disassemble the guitar speaker cabinet.

Step 2 - Adding the Insulation

Use the measuring tape and measure the back and the sides of the guitar speaker cabinet. Use these measurements to measure the polyfill and the fiberglass and cut them to see. Place the fiberglass inside the guitar speaker cabinet on the sides first. You can not fit the piece of fiberglass meant for the back in place and secure it with nails. If you had to remove the sides as well then nail them in place too. Stuff the inside of the guitar speaker cabinet with polyfill. The fiberglass and the polyfill create a barrier between the speaker and the air inside the cabinet which can cause sound degradation.

Step 3 - Sealing the Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Putting the guitar speaker cabinet back together is a process done in two steps. Insert the silicone caulk inside the caulking gun and apply a line of the silicone along the seams of the top and bottom as well as the back. Even if you had to take apart the entire guitar speaker cabinet you will also add a line of silicone caulk but to the edges that connect to other pieces of wood.

Once the silicone is applied you can then replace the back of the guitar speaker cabinet. Use the hammer and nails to secure the back and sides together as well as the top, bottom and front if you had to disassemble the entire cabinet. Once the guitar speaker cabinet has been secured; you can add more silicone to the outside seams.