How to Insulate Metal Awnings

Metal awnings are used to provide shade and protection for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. The awnings are an alternative to canvas type awnings that are typically found on patio decks. Metal awning usually does not require a insulation factor unless you live in an area that requires additional protection for your metal awnings.

How to Approach a Metal Awning Insulation Project

If you want to go about the process of insulating metal awnings you will need to think about this project in terms of how you would insulate a window or a door. You need to purchase insulating foam or fiberglass and figure out a way to attach it to the awning in order to increase its insulation factor. A tarp or some other type of waterproof covering may be used by gluing it or screwing it into the frame of the awning.

Measure the Awning

You should first measure the awning in order to determine the amount of insulation needed. With the measurements, go to a home improvement center and look at the different types of insulating material that is available that will help you accomplish this task. With the insulation selected you will need to take the awning down and find a space that is suitable to work in, in order to attach the insulation.

Types of Insulation to Consider for a Metal Awning

A spray on foam insulation may work best to provide the insulation that you are looking for. Try to use a foam insulation that is easy to work with and sprays on easily and evenly. When using a spray insulation form you should wear a mask and eye protection as well as protective clothing to make sure that you do not end up with the material all over you.

A fiberglass insulation or insulation wallboards  that are used in drywall projects may also be useful in insulating the metal awning. Either of these materials will require an additional cover to protect the insulation from becoming wet or exposed to moisture. Use the same principle here as if you were installing a vapor barrier in a wall to your bathroom.

Drilling Holes for Installation

If you are using a fiberglass or wall board material, you will need a drill with a metal tip in order to make holes in the frame of the metal awning. The holes will be used to place small washers and screws necessary to hold the insulation in place. Be careful when making the holes in order to keep from damaging the frame and making it unusable.

Asking for Advice to Insulate a Metal Awning

You can ask for advice from an awning installer about other approaches that can be taken to install insulation in an awning. The installer can also give you tips on what standards may be in place for the installation of insulation in a metal awning. This can assist you greatly as well when attempting this project.