How to Insulate Your Crimping Pliers

What You'll Need
Black electrical tape
Ceramic paint
Non conductive epoxy resin
Glue and water

Crimping pliers are helpful little gadgets used to crimp insulated and non-insulated connectors. They are also used on splices and wire joints. The crimping pliers are very useful for someone doing wiring in the home, on appliances, vehicles, boats and other applications. These pliers are also used to crimp rings or ferules.

The crimping pliers need to be insulated because it protects you from electrical shocks, which is very common amongst those working on wiring. So to prevent that from happening, the power should always be turned off. And you should be trained at what you are doing. It is also a good idea to wear safety glasses and any other protective clothing necessary. Crimping pliers are commonly used by electricians. They can range in price considerably; they can range from $20 to $200.  

Step 1 - Have Pliers Ready

Clean off any grease from the pliers in order to prepare it for the upcoming steps.

Step 2 - Black Electrical Tape

Wrap the handles firmly with the black tape; the black tape is used as the insulator. It works in the same way that the plastic coating works on the handles to grip the crimping pliers. Put at least 3 layers on, to cover all of the metal exposed. This is a very easy, quick and inexpensive way to insulate your crimping pliers. 

Step 3 - Newspaper and Glue

If the handles of your crimping pliers have torn off or become worn with age and you want to replace or repair misshapen handles, wrapping them with plastic electrical tape might not get the shape for the grip you want. In this case, make yourself some mix of glue and water and some old newspapers. Place strips of old newspaper into the glue mixture and soak. Work moisture into newspaper until it becomes mush and place lumps into holes of crimping pliers. When desired shape has been achieved take strips of newspaper and wrap them around the handle for a smooth finish. After drying, wrap again with black electrical tape for tightness.

Step 4 - Wood

If you are going for the replacement of the handles in its entirety, go to your hobby store and buy 2 wooden handles that will be drilled into your crimping pliers. Find a drill bit matching the size of metal rod where the handles use to be. Drill matching holes into your 2 handles. Apply permanent glue over metal rod of crimping pliers and screw into drilled hole. Paint the wooden handles over with ceramic paint for insulation. Paint over a second time for a thick layer of protection.

Step 5 - Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is a hardener that must be used carefully. Mix epoxy resin with water to the consistency of thickness for a handle. Place lumps into holes of handle that have been worn out. Smooth over and let dry. Paint over with thinned epoxy resin paint or ceramic paint for insulation.