How to Integrate a Car Headrest Monitor How to Integrate a Car Headrest Monitor

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Car Headrest Monitors are a perfect answer to your portable video needs. They are very useful and can be built up in practically any vehicle. There is a huge range of monitors, which can be added to your vehicle. In-dash monitors are easy to install, while custom-mounted monitors may require fabrication of panel, to be incorporated with the interior of the vehicle. Generic enclosures allow you to mount a headrest monitor in overhead console, or at the back of the seat's headrest, or in the back of a center console. Read the proceedings sections in order to learn how to integrate a car headrest monitor.

Step 1 – Installing the Headrest Monitor at the Front the Car

Car monitors are normally fixed at the back of your front seats' headrest so the passenger in the back of your car can view the monitor screen. When a monitor is installed in the front of your vehicle/car, it requires a wire that ought to be attached to the emergency brake or sometimes to a gear selector sensor. In-dash monitors do not function when the vehicle is moving and the brake is not applied. Moreover, it is illegal to install a monitor functioning in front of the driver when the car is in motion.

Step 2 – Setting up the Monitor in the Housing

If you want to set up a headrest monitor in the housing attached to your roof panel, you need to drop your car's headliner (sometimes partially), and make a hole through that (which would be concealed by the enclosure), to route the wiring. Headrest monitors can be installed in two ways; first you can install them in the existing headrest, or you can replace your headrest with the built-in monitor. You can also buy a replace built in monitor. Such headrests are intended to match up with your planted headrest colors and fabrics, for easy integration, and your cables dart through the tubular chrome post.

Step 3 – The Procedure

Measure the size of the monitor you plan to use. By using a pencil or a marker, you can mark the rear of your front seat’s headrest, where the monitor would be placed. Give the proportions a few additional fractions about an inch to put up a box for your monitor. Use a scalpel or a razor to cut out a hole for your monitor, and carefully remove the foam from your seat so that you won't affect the way the headrest comforts the front seat's passenger.

Step 4 – Construct a Box

Now construct a box that would hold the monitor. Professionals generally use masonite. Make room for wires connecting to the box of the monitor. Then mount your box into the cut/hole and re-upholster your headrest. Route the wires through your car’s seat and up to the opening/hole in your headrest. Attach the wires to your monitor, and place your monitor in the headrest.

Step 5 – Final Step

Join your monitor, television tuner and your VCR to the 12-volt supply such as the ignition accessory line. This will ensure that your components do not stay on when your vehicle is off.

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