How to Iron a Barong

a green clothes iron
  • 0-1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-40
What You'll Need
Ironing board

Barong is an important aspect of Filipino fashion. Before you wear the barong tagalong, you need to prepare it using a flat iron. Ironing the unique pineapple-based fabric used for this type of garment can be a bit of a challenge. Here are the key steps to ironing this traditional attire of the Philippines.

Step 1 – Lightly Moisten the Surface of the Barong

Before you start ironing the garment, make sure to lightly wipe the fabric with a clean and damp cloth. Avoid wetting the fabric too much because it can damage the flat iron or the fabric. By lightly moistening the fabric, you can easily smoothen out unwanted folds and wrinkles on the garment. You can also opt to lightly apply starch solution for a crisper finish.

Step 2 – Set the Iron and Ironing Board

The fabric used to make good quality barong is derived from pineapple leaves. This makes the garment very delicate and sensitive to high heat. So, make it a point to use only the medium setting in your flat iron. Use an ironing board so that you can easily press the garment and eliminate unwanted wrinkles more effectively.

Step 3 – Start with Areas that have Embroidered Designs

A Filipino barong would typically have embroideries in front. When ironing, it is best to start in such areas. Make sure to invert the garment when ironing those areas. Directly pressing the flat iron on the correct side of the embroideries can risk damage to the intricate designs.

Step 4 – Finish Off with the Sleeves and Collar

After ironing the embroidered front, put the barong back on its correct side. Next, iron the sleeves and collar. These areas are simpler to deal with. Still, make sure that your flat iron is in medium heat.

Put the garment on a hanger after you are done.