How to Iron a Kilt

A question that is asked of many kilt owners is how to iron them. The kilt is a traditional dress of the Scottish highlands, but is most commonly seen on bagpipe players. Some of these people, not being of Scottish descent will want to keep their kilt pressed and looking great. Here are a few pointers for how to iron your kilt.

Steam before Ironing

Use a small portable steamer and just introduce the kilt to the steam. Having too much on the kilt will get rid of the pleats altogether and that will make ironing much more difficult.

Prepare for Ironing

Lay your kilt on a large flat surface. An ironing board is too narrow, but a large table, or the floor, are good options to choose from. Set the iron at the appropriate heat setting and let it heat up.

Baste Kilt Pleats

The most important step in how to iron your kilt is to baste it. You will need to find the Fell of your kilt to use as a guide for the pleats. Loosely sew together a few pleats at a time to keep them there and at the right distance.

Iron Pleats

Lay a damp cloth over the kilt and press the iron over it. Really lean into it and apply a lot of pressure. Leave the iron in place for about 10 seconds to create the steam and then move it to a different position. Once the ironing is completed, let it rest until it is completely dry and remove the threads.