How to Iron a Silk Dress

Many people pass off their silk dresses to professionals because they do not know how to iron them properly. By knowing the correct technique, you can do this easy task at home and save money on laundry bills. Follow these steps to successfully iron your silk dress.

  • Place your iron on the lowest heat, silk or rayon setting to prevent damaging the delicate fabric. Wipe the ironing board to make sure it is clean.
  • Place any lightweight fabric on your ironing board and then put the dress over it. The fabric will absorb the excess heat of the iron.
  • Test a small patch of your dress with your iron to make sure it does not stick or cause damage to the fabric, and reduce setting even further if you notice any.
  • Begin ironing your dress, starting with the lower part first and working your way up. Allow the ironed part to hang down your board.
  • Place your iron back on its stand, brush any stubborn folds or wrinkles with your hand and iron over them in quick and controlled back and forth movements to remove them.
  • Avoid ironing your dress over parts that are not wrinkled.
  • Turn your dress over to its side to iron the back.
  • Place your iron dress on a clean hanger once you are done to let it cool.