How to Iron a Table Cloth

Knowing how to iron is different from knowing how to iron a tablecloth. One does not necessarily beget the other. This is because of the sheer size of the table cloth. With the right planning, you can get all the creases out of your table cloth and have a wonderful looking table.

Organize Your Approach

In order to smooth out wrinkles from fabric, it is best to have it wet. The best way to do this is to not dry it all the way after you wash it. As the cloth is still damp, you will iron the tablecloth. This will dry the tablecloth the rest of the way as you smooth out the wrinkles. Making sure the tablecloth does not gather is a great way to keep random wrinkles from forming. Many people like to have the creases from a fold in the table cloth. If that is what you like, fold it as you iron it.

Flawless Execution will Result in a Perfect Appearance

For those who prefer a tablecloth without any creases, consider only washing the table cloth right before you are ready to set the table. This will allow you to iron the table cloth as you slide it on to the table. Simply place the ironing board next to the table and work the table cloth on to the table as you dry and smooth it. If your ironing board is not big enough to iron the entire width of the tablecloth. Simply work it back and forth as you slide it on to the table.