How to Iron Baby Clothes

What You'll Need
Baby clothes
Ironing board

Baby clothes are made out of the same material as your clothes. They are susceptible to wrinkles like any other garment. Knowing how to iron baby clothes will help your child not to look so rumpled.

Step 1 – Heat Your Iron

Before ironing anything, plug in and preheat your iron. Check the material on the label of the clothes and set the iron to the correct material setting. If there is no label, you will not damage anything if you assume it's at least a blend. In this case, set the iron to medium low. It will protect even polyester blends from being ruined.

Step 2 – Flip inside out

In order to protect the printed material on the front of most kids' clothes, flip the clothing inside out. This rule includes pants. The other upshot to ironing clothes from the inside out is you will be able to keep the clothes from becoming shiny and will prevent any discoloration from being noticeable.

Step 3 – Iron with a Light Touch

In order to keep the clothes from sticking together, or melting, use a light touch. As long as you're using plenty of steam, you shouldn't need to press down on the clothes. The weight of the iron should be enough weight get rid of all the wrinkles.