How to Iron Beads onto Clothes

What You'll Need
Fuse beads (Perler)
Ironing board
Wax paper

Knowing how to iron beads onto clothes will allow you to create your own designs. You will be able to turn a plain white t-shirt into a fun expression.

Step 1 – Create Your Design

In order to help you create your design, it's a good idea to sketch it out on a piece of wax paper. Once you have created the design you want, flip it over on your ironing board. Fill in the design with the colors of beads you want the design to be made of. Keep in mind the appearance will be opposite from what you see on the shirt.

Step 2 – Heat the Iron

Heat the iron to a medium setting with no steam. Make sure the iron is plugged in and give it about 2 minutes to heat up completely.

Step 3 – Iron on Your Design

Cover your design with your T-shirt. Be careful not to disturb the pattern. Make sure you have the exact location you want the shirt to be decorated. Use a decent amount of pressure to melt the wax from the beads to the shirt. Allow to cool and enjoy the new design on your shirt.