How to Iron Clothes with Ruffles How to Iron Clothes with Ruffles

Learning how to iron ruffly items can be time consuming and frustrating if you don't know how to do it right. The following tips will save some time and hair-tearing.

Do the Ruffles First


Moisten the ruffles, or set your iron on steam, at an appropriate temperature for the fabric of your garment. With the tip of your iron, get into the little crevices of each ruffle. Try not to flatten the gathers unless the style of the ruffle requires it. Keep moving the ironed sections of the ruffle away from the iron so they don't get caught and reflattened. Begin at one end of a ruffled section and work systematically through it, then repeat as often as necessary. Even though the ruffles are supposed to be the focal point of the outfit, it's really much easier to deal with them first rather than risk undoing your work on the main portion of the garment as you flip it around on the ironing board trying to get at the ruffles.

Use a Fabric Body Enhancer

Spray starch or sizing will give your ruffles a nice, crisp, dimensional look Use sparingly. Use a piece of cloth – a cotton towel or the like – to shield the parts of the garment you don't want starched or sized.

Do the Rest of the Garment

This part will go quickly once the "fussy work" of the ruffles is done.

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