How to Iron Living Room Curtains

If your living room curtains are looking a bit wrinkled, or if you have recently washed them, they need ironing. You may also need to iron or press them if they have been recently dry cleaned.

You Will Need

  • Steam iron
  • Ironing board
  • White cotton cloth
  • Spray mist bottle
  • Starch or fabric finish

Step 1: Ironing

Before you iron or press any curtains, check the fabric care label in case they shouldn't be ironed. Some synthetics can't tolerate the heat and will scorch easily.

If you have curtains that are cotton, or contain a large percentage of cotton, they can be ironed by setting the iron on the cotton setting with steam. Place the curtain on the ironing board, spray a bit of starch or fabric finish on the fabric then iron. Hang immediately to prevent wrinkling.

Step 2: Ironing or Pressing Synthetics

Place the curtains on the ironing board and set the iron to nylon with steam. Place the white cotton cloth over the fabric and then iron the wrinkles out. The cotton cloth keeps the fabric from overheating or scorching.