How to Iron Lycra

Some clothing is made out of Lycra material; these clothes will not usually need to be ironed, but there will be times when hanging them just will not get the wrinkles out. Generally, ironing Lycra material is a bad idea, but if done correctly you will not burn the material. Lycra is generally a spandex type material that has elastic qualities.

Lay Flat

When setting the Lycra material on the ironing board make sure it is flat. Place on section on the ironing board at a time and work in small areas.

Cover With Towel

You do not want to put the iron directly onto the Lycra material. Cover the clothing with a towel to protect it from the heat of the iron. Lycra material will not need a lot of ironing, and most generally only need a little bit of steam to get wrinkles out.

Create Steam

Either use the sprayer on the iron itself, or spray the towel with water from a spray nozzle. Just dampen the area, do not get wet. Set the iron on the towel and let the heat create some steam. This will work into the towel and thus iron the Lycra material. Move iron back and forth and repeat for the entire piece of clothing.