How to Iron Raw Silk

Raw silk is a beautiful material for clothing but it can be difficult to care for when it comes time to clean garments made from this fiber. Raw silk is best cleaned by dry cleaning, but it is possible to iron a blouse, jacket, or dress using the right iron settings, the ironing board, and a hand towel.

Iron Settings for Raw Silk

Turn on your iron on low heat. Do not use the steamer to release water while ironing, as water will damage the silk. Unlike other natural fibers such as cotton and linen, water that comes in contact with heat on silk will cause a stain mark. Set the iron heat dial at 1 or 2, which are the two lowest settings. Do not turn the dial any higher than these when ironing silk.

Ironing Raw Silk

Set the raw silk garment on the ironing board so that it lays flat. Place the unfolded hand towel over the garment, and lay the iron on top it. The towel will protect the fabric from coming into direct contact with the iron. Quickly move the iron across the towel without pressing hard on it. Set the iron upright on the ironing table and lift up the towel. Check and see if the wrinkles came out. If not, repeat the procedure a second time. Move the garment on the ironing board and continue to iron in this manner until all of the wrinkled areas are ironed out. When you finish ironing, turn off the iron and hang your raw silk garment in your wardrobe or closet.