How to Iron Satin

red satin fabric
  • Beginner
What You'll Need
Ironing board
Satin garment
Plastic garment cover (optional)

Satin, a dressy fabric made of polyester, comes in myriad colors and feels soft to the touch. However, this material wrinkles easily. To remove wrinkles from your favorite satin clothing or sheets, use an iron and these steps.

Step 1 – Prepare Your Iron

First, set your iron on low heat. Usually, this setting will be anywhere between 1 and 4. Too-high temperatures will burn satin, so avoid using too much heat if you don’t want to ruin your garments.

Step 2 – Iron the Satin

Place your satin garment on your ironing board. When you iron satin, move the iron quickly across the fabric. Do not use heavy pressure; instead, use long, smooth strokes. Move the clothing on the ironing board as you iron.

For difficult creases use the steam function of the iron. If you do not have a steam iron, sprinkle water droplets onto the garment and iron as instructed above.

Step 3 – Hang the Satin Up

When you’re finished, turn off your iron and hang your satin garment up to prevent further wrinkles. If the satin garment is worn infrequently, place a plastic garment cover over it to protect it from getting dusty. Or, make your own garment-rack cover to cover all of your clothing at once.