How to Iron without an Iron

When you get stuck in a situation with wrinkled clothes and no iron, you will wish you knew how to iron without one. Follow this guide to turn regular household items in to wrinkle-reducers.

Ironing Clothes with a dryer

If you don’t have an iron at hand, you can simply put the wrinkled clothes into a clothes dryer and add a moist sock or washcloth to the load. Fifteen minutes on the medium heat setting should take care of the wrinkles if you immediately remove the clothes and place them on a hanger.

Ironing Clothes with a Shower Rod

Seal the bathroom and hang clothes over a clean shower rod on a plastic hanger. Turn the shower on hot, making sure it does not wet the clothes, and close the door for five to fifteen minutes.   

Ironing Clothes with a Hair Dryer

Your hairdryer can serve as a replacement iron. Hang your damp clothing item on a hanger, and then blow dry it with the hair dryer, keeping the dryer about an inch or two from the item.

 Ironing Clothes with Water

If you are really stuck without any equipment you can spritz the item of clothing with some water and then shake the wrinkles out. This is an effective method, but you will need to apply some effort.