How to Irrigate Your Land with Recycled Water How to Irrigate Your Land with Recycled Water

What You'll Need
Bath tub or water storage system
PVC pipe
Pressure valve
Work gloves

Using recycled water to irrigate your land is a wise choice that will ultimately benefit the environment. Studies have shown that an average home will waste approximately 300 liters of water per day and if all these could be reused or recycled for non potable use then it would be enough to provide irrigation to a 150 to 200 square meter parcel of land. The savings would all add up to the benefit of the user and the environment.

Clean water is becoming scarce due to a variety of factors such as global warming and industrialization of urban areas. Recycled water is treated at recycling plants and is ideal to use for washing cars and irrigation of land, which is the most popular use these days. Different homes on some areas are already using recycled water for their lawns and plants. Contrary to popular belief, using recycled water for irrigation presents many benefits as this water contains a number of nutrients and minerals which is necessary for healthy plant growth. The use of fertilizer would be minimized if you use recycled or gray water for irrigation purposes.

If you want to irrigate your land or lawn using recycled water, it would be advised to consult your local area regarding laws and environmental legislation's before deciding what system to use. On some areas, a professional is authorized to install recycled water systems for use in homes and small buildings. There are a lot of systems sold in the market and are relatively cheap to purchase and maintain. But for the DIY enthusiast, here is a simple recycled water system you could use to irrigate your lawn. Remember to consult local authorities before undergoing this process.

Important Things to Remember

  • After consulting with local authorities regarding this matter, get a copy of the rules and regulations regarding the use of gray water. This is important which will help you plan ahead and determine the materials to be used.
  • Some plumbing expertise is required. When in doubt, call your local plumber for advise on installation.

Step 1 - Look for a Suitable Storage Tank 

Purchase a used bath tub or any other water storage system at the junk or scrap yard. This will be used as the storage tank for gray water. On some countries, recycled water could be bought at a low price and be stored on tanks for future use. These are incorporated into an existing sprinkler system in the garden.

Step 2 - Install the Storage Tank

Install the bath tub or water storage tank according to state laws. It is usually required to be installed at a slightly elevated manner at the back wall of the kitchen or wash room outside of the house. Connect a PVC pipe from the drain tube of the storage container all the way to your garden.

Step 3 - Reroute the Piping

This is where the plumbing expertise comes in. Disconnect the drain pipes on your sink and wash room and redirect it to flow into the gray water tank outside the house. You could optionally install a pressure valve or switch in the tank to drain water to the lawn as needed.

This simple device will do wonders for your lawn and save you hundreds of dollars in water bills. If done properly, the system is virtually maintenance free and will provide your lawn or garden with enough water all throughout the year. 


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