How to Join Solid Surface Countertops

What You'll Need
Set square
Spirit Level

If you are installing some solid surface countertops in your home, you may be unsure how to complete the joins without loosing the smooth appearance that the solid surface is well known for. In order to get the best from your solid surface countertops, you will need to join them securely.

Step 1 - Draw the Angle

Cut out the relevant angles from your solid surface countertops, so that you can get an exactly accurate angle. Using your set square, you should draw down the angle on one side, and then draw the angle on the other piece, depending upon whether you need to fit an L-shape or U shape. Once you have drawn the angle, you can cut it down to the correct size.

Step 2 - Fit the Parts

Place your pieces onto the bases that you will be using, and slide them towards each other. Use a temporary support to hold them into place, and then balance them together using a spirit level. The solid surface countertop needs to be level, so you should take the effort to make it as flat as possible, and then screw it down tightly.