How to Keep a Clipped Orchid Alive

What You'll Need
Orchid clipping

For anyone who has ever tried to grow an orchid garden, they know that it can be rather difficult, tedious, and require a lot of patience and care. However, dealing with orchid care problems is well worth it when they begin to bloom. With over 30,000 different varieties of orchids, the displays can be dazzling and beautiful.

One of the ways to successfully propagate your orchid is through cuttings. These clipped flowers will grow successfully when you take the steps necessary to keep them alive.

Step 1 - Do Not Put in Water

For a lot of different flowers, one of the first steps to keeping clippings alive is to put them in water. However, orchids should never be put in any water. In fact, do not get the leaves wet unless it is very dry and there is no humidity in the air.

Step 2 - Plant in Moist Soil

Place the clipped orchid into some rich, dark, moist soil. The soil should not crumble in your hands, but there should not be any water running out of it. Do not let the soil be higher up the stem than at its regular level.

Step 3 - Keep the Orchid out of Drafts

Keeping your clipped orchid alive means keeping it out of any type of draft. The air must be still. This means do not put the orchid near any forced hot air vents, open windows, or air conditioners. No matter how faint the draft may be, it will dry out the leaves and flower buds very quickly.

Step 4 - Keep Away from Heat Sources

Orchids do love warm weather, but it has to be humid heat. Placing an orchid next to any type of heat will also dry out your flower. Anything that gives off heat is a potential problem. Radiators, appliances, and electronic accessories are items to keep your orchid away from.

Step 5 - Keep out of Direct Sunlight

Orchids do love the sun. However, the midday sun is too hot for them to handle. Keep them away from this sun or the leaves will burn and the flowers will wilt.

Step 6 - Use a Humidifier

Orchid plants absorb the bulk of their moisture from the surrounding air. Warm temperatures that are rich in humidity are perfect for keeping your orchid healthy. If your home does not have a lot of humidity present, invest in a humidifier. If you do not have a humidifier, you can not let the flower dry out. In addition to watering the soil once a week, keep the flower misted. Mist the leaves and buds but not the open flowers.

Step 7 - Maintain Steady Temperature

Keeping your orchid healthy and alive means keeping the temperature constant. A good temp to have during the day is around 80 F, while nighttime temps should be kept as close to 65 F as possible.

Keeping your orchid alive and healthy will allow you to create dazzling flower arrangements when they grow to maturity.