How To Keep A Riding Mower Running Strong How To Keep A Riding Mower Running Strong

What You'll Need
Owners Manual (for specs)

If you've recently purchased a riding mower, there are a few things you should know to keep your investment in top notch condition. The following will provide you with a few tips to keep your machine in great shape so you spend less time and money on mower parts and lawn mower repair.

Step One-Change The Oil

The oil cools and lubricates the engine. If your oil is not changed in a timely manner it will become filled with carbon particles and dirt which will make it harder for the oil to do its job. To prevent this, you must change the oil when needed. While you're changing the oil, change your oil filter if your machine has one.

Step Two-Clean/Change Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter can cause you to use higher amounts of fuel. Your mower will either have a paper filter, which you remove and replace, or a foam filter. You will need to take out the foam filter and clean it. You should clean or change your air filter every spring.

Step Three-Change Your Spark Plugs

If you do not have good spark plugs, your machine will not start properly or run smooth.

Step Four-Keep It Clean

Grass and debris can accumulate inside your mower. It is important to clean this off regularly, otherwise your mower could become clogged. This can drastically decrease performance. Wash and dry your mower and clean debris from the under carriage.

Step Five-Keep The Blades Sharp

Dull scissors do not cut paper correctly, and the same goes for dull mower blades. There are two reasons to keep your blades sharp. Sharper blades will cut your grass more efficiently while dull blades can actually damage your grass by ripping it from the roots, rather than making a clean cut. You should sharpen your blades at least once during the season.

Step Six-Other Things To Check

Be sure to check out your wheels. Spray them with a bit of WD-40 to keep them rolling smoothly. Check all bolts to make sure they are tightened. Check your belts. If they appear to be cracked, you might need to replace them. Belts can also become loose. It is good to check them regularly so you can tighten them if need be.

Refer to your owner’s manual for the instructions most specific to your riding mower. If you have misplaced your owner’s manual, head to your local mower service center to find answers or parts. Some local auto parts stores will also carry parts and oil for your riding mower. A riding mower is a great time saving device and if you take the time and effort to properly maintain your investment, it will last you years.

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