How To Keep an Oriental Rug Runner From Slipping

An oriental rug runner can bring color to a dull room, so it is important that it stays in place all the time. Slipping rug runners can smash things up in your place or even cause physical injuries. With a little imagination and the right materials, you can prevent your rug runner from slipping.

Step 1 – Check Out the Surface Beneath
Before you do anything to make your rug runner slip-proof, you have to first determine its size and the type of surface where it will be placed. The size will determine the amount of anti-slipping material to be applied, while the surface type will decide the type of underlay to be used.

Step 2 – Use Glue on Bottom Corners and Edges
Get your glue gun and apply some glue on the corners and edges of the rug runner. Hot glue is perfect for the job because it becomes chunky and hard when completely dried, providing enough friction to hold the rug in place.

Step 3 – Attach Pieces of Rubber Underneath
If glue fails, you can stick or sew on small pieces of rubber on the corners and edges underneath the rug. Rubber allows more adhesive friction between the surface and the bottom of the rug runner preventing the rug from slipping.