How to Keep Bird Nests off Your Eaves

a nest in the eaves.
What You'll Need
Bird netting
Measuring tape
Staple gun
Long pole or high pressure hose
Wire prongs
Sticky feet products
Hanging decorations

Bird nests can be an unwelcome addition to your eaves, but before you dispose of them there are some things you need to know. Many birds and their nests are protected by law. You cannot remove the nests until after they have migrated or before they have finished building them. Don't knock the nests from your roof until you are sure there are no eggs or babies in them. When it is time, here are some pointers to help you get rid of unwanted bird nests.

Step 1 - Clean the Eaves

eaves at the peak of a house

The first thing you need to do is clean your roof eaves. Once you are sure there are no eggs in the nests, knock them down with a long pole or wash them out with a hose.

Climb up under the eaves to check for holes. Remove any hidden swallow bird nests and seal the holes with caulking. If you catch any birds trying to make a nest, remove it. They will eventually give up and nest somewhere else.

Step 2 - Measurements

Measure the area around your house that you would like to seal off. Be sure to measure the distance from the roof to the ground as well. Knowing these measurements will ensure that you buy enough netting to completely protect your house. Measure and cut the netting to size. If necessary, you can add the netting in strips, just be sure that you completely close any gaps.

Step 3 - Attach Netting

Using the staple gun, attach the netting around your house. It should reach from the edge of your roof all the way to the ground. Close off any gaps. The net prevents any birds from landing on your house. Once the birds have migrated, take the net down.

Step 4 - Wire Prongs or Sticky Feet

If you decide you don’t like the wire netting or if you want added protection, add wire prongs. These can be hammered into the birds' nesting areas to discourage them from landing, making your house look less desirable. You can substitute products that stick to the birds' feet for wire prongs. These products are also uncomfortable for the birds, but they need to be replaced often.

Step 5 - Hang Shiny Things

a pile of CDs

Hanging shiny objects from your roof is another way to discourage birds. The flashing lights scare them away. Traditionally, aluminum or other types of metal have been used, but there are many things on the market that create the same kind of glare. A quick DIY solution is old CD’s spinning in the breeze.

Step 6 - Provide a New Home

Even if you don’t enjoy birds nesting in your eaves, you may enjoy having them nearby. If this is the case, provide birdhouses a little farther away from your home. If you enjoy feeding the birds, be sure to do it away from the house. Bird food will only attract more birds.