How to Keep Birds from Nesting Under Tile Roofs

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What You'll Need
Aluminum strips or pieces
Owl or cat figures
Empty spray bottle
Chili peppers
Bird netting
Bird alarm

While birds love to nest in trees, sometimes they also like to make nests in roofs — especially tile ones. Whether it’s their incessant chirping or their droppings that make you cringe, you can discourage birds from nesting under your tile roof by following these few tips.

Prepare Aluminum Strips or Pieces

First, gather aluminum strips or pieces from items you already have. Soda cans, old pie tins, or aluminum foil all work well. Then, with sharp scissors, cut the aluminum into strips. Take these prepared strips, and tie them around the edges of your tile roof. Birds dislike the glare these strips will create, so they’ll likely leave your roof alone.

Hang Fake Figures

To discourage birds from nesting in your roof, get some fake images, like cat or owl figures, and hang them alongside the aluminum strips. Birds are scared of these prey, so they’ll steer clear.

Crush Chili Peppers

Another trick that works is crushing chili peppers. Add the crushed peppers to a glass of water, and leave the mixture to sit in the sun for at least two days, until it’s fermented. Then, pour the mixture into an empty spray bottle, and spray it all around your tile roof. You shouldn’t spray any nests, but you can spray near them. However, if the nests have been evacuated, you can carefully remove them.

Discourage With Loud Noises

Make loud noises that will startle the birds when they are in the process of setting up a nest under your roof. There are commercial products available that set off bird alarms to frighten and discourage the birds that you can buy, too. However, after some time, the birds get used to the sounds and won’t be bothered by them.

Install Bird Netting

As a last resort, you can purchase bird netting from your local garden supply store. This netting will prevent birds from passing through, and it’s easier to install than wood or metal. The netting will not catch the birds, but it will prevent them from getting to your tile roof. Be careful to purchase netting that is specified for only birds, or you could harm the critters. In addition, if any bird makes their way through the attic, be sure to remove them promptly.