How to Keep Concrete Garden Statue Paint from Chipping How to Keep Concrete Garden Statue Paint from Chipping

If you want to paint your concrete garden statue, you may find you will have problems with chipping paint. This is easy to resolve.

If you purchase an unpainted statue, you have no idea how long the concrete has cured or dried. A dry piece of cement will be very white and not as heavy as a piece with moisture in it. Even though the piece may look white on the outside, the center may still be damp. When you bring it home, put it inside or in a garage for a couple of weeks to be sure its dry. If you paint a piece that has moisture trapped inside, the paint will chip and over time, the moisture which is trapped inside and may cause the statue to deteriorate.

Once you're sure the concrete is cured, put on a coat of clear waterproofer or primer to seal it. When the waterproofer has dried, then you can paint the statue. If you bring home a piece that is already painted, apply waterproofer to it before you put it outside. Apply at least two coats. You can use either brush on waterproofer or the spray on type. If the statue has a lot of detail the spray on is easier to apply.

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