How to Keep Furniture Glass Streak Free How to Keep Furniture Glass Streak Free

Decorative furniture glass on tabletops, in cabinet doors and shelving needs to be clear and streak-free to accentuate its beauty. Add these tips to your list of ways to keep your furniture glass streak-free.

Prevent Streaks on Furniture Glass

Use table runners, tablecloths, placemats, coasters, doilies and other protectors on glass tabletops and shelves to prevent watermarks, crumb spills, liquid spills and dust deposits.

Clean Glass with Natural-Based Cleaners

A solution of 50 percent white vinegar and water, dispersed from a spray bottle, is a superb natural glass cleaner. Let the spray settle, then wipe it off thoroughly with paper towels, which can then go into the compost pile. On cupboard doors, catch and remove fingerprints promptly with this cleaner. White vinegar cleaner is also safe for solid wood, wood veneers and wood products, preventing film buildup that can result from repeated use of furniture polishes and oil-based cleaners. Wear smooth cotton gloves when cleaning glass shelves.

Dust Only with Soft Cloths

Avoid dusting with scratchy cloths, which can spread dust over the surface. The gritty dust will slowly scratch the glass, giving it a permanently streaked and scored finish. The smoothest-surfaced polyester fleece makes an excellent dust cloth as it picks up and holds dust through static electricity.

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