How to Keep Mulch from Scattering

Edging is the best way to keep your mulch from scattering. Incorporate one of several edging techniques into you landscape design to contain your mulch and improve the performance of your plants, trees, or shrubs.

Rhizome Barrier

Installing a rhizome barrier will contain your mulch and your run away bamboo. This technique requires a trench about 3 feet deep. Leave 6 inches of rhizome barrier above ground to contain your mulch.

Plastic Edging

Plastic edging is cheap and easy to install. The draw back is that the edging will only contain a few inches of mulch.

Wood Landscape Timbers

Wood landscape timbers are a fairly inexpensive option. They are ideal if you have long straight runs of mulch to contain.

Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Interlocking concrete blocks might be a intense for small or shallow projects but they are perfect for large or very deep mulch beds.

Landscape Rock

Landscape rocks are a natural way to contain mulch. Choosing local rocks will reduce costs and labor.

Precast concrete edging

Precast concrete edging can be expensive but looks very beautiful along curved beds of mulch. This edging will also save your time on weeding your mulch and edging your grass.