How to Keep Rabbits Out with Ivory Soap

What You'll Need
Bars of Ivory Soap - 1 or 2 bars
Air tight container

Rabbits are a common pest which eat plants and vegetables. Learning how to get rid of these and keep them out of your garden can be difficult.

There are many different techniques which can be used to rid your garden of rabbits, however most of these are very complicated. If you have the right tools and materials then repelling rabbits doesn't really need to be that difficult. The very best techniques of getting rid of rabbits involve using natural or very cheap substances. There's no need to splash out on expensive products used to deter rabbits.

Step 1 - Finding a Grater

You will first need to get your hands on a cheap grater. It's important not to use one that you will use again for cooking. You must get a separate grater just for the soap. Either use your old kitchen grater or get a new cheap one from a cookery shop.

Step 2 - Grating the Soap

Now you need to grate the soap into an airtight container. You might as well grate the whole bar of soap into the container and keep it sealed so that it doesn't lose its smell or go off. Be careful when grating the soap as you could end up cutting your fingers if not careful.

You may also like to use a cheese grater where you don't have to hold the soap. This makes it possible to protect your fingers and also makes it much easier to grate the soap.

Step 3 - Storing the Soap

Storing the soap once it is grated requires the use of an airtight container. You should use these airtight containers so that the soap retains its smell which is what will scare the rabbits away and stop them being a nuisance and preventing them from eating your plants.

Step 4 - Sprinkling

Now you need to get your grated soap and sprinkle it around the plants. You can put this around any type of plant including edible and ornamental plants. carefully sprinkle it around and you should discover that fewer rabbits will be a pain. This will eventually be washed away by rainfall, which means that you will need to continually re-apply this soap every now and again.

Make sure you only use ivory soap as this isn't actually toxic and won't cause any damage to your plants. You should avoid using any soap which contains body moisturisers or any other additives.

Step 6 - Storing the Leftovers

If you have any leftover soap which you aren't using this time then you should store this in your airtight container. Make sure that this is sealed and that the soap is kept in a dry and cool place. This soap can then be used again if there are any plants which need treating, or any plants which need to be treated again.

If you follow these directions then you can scare away rabbits by using ivory soap then you can wave good riddance to them without having to buy expensive products or resort to killing them. Rabbits are pests but few people would actually want to kill them, instead they are looking for a way of cheaply scaring them away.