How to Keep Your Log Furniture From Splitting

If you have log furniture, even indoors, it is important that you protect it properly to keep it from splitting after time. Not seeing to this simple chore will result in log furniture that eventually becomes brittle and dry before it splits. 

Keep Your Log Furniture from Splitting

Unfinished log furniture needs a strong measure of protection so it lasts a long time. Well-built log furniture will last a lifetime, but it must be guarded from the effects of aging and evaporation. Natural wood products expand and contract depending on the weather. Its breathability is one of wood’s lifelike qualities that make it desirable. As log furniture ages, the water contained within the wood slowly evaporates. After time, the furniture becomes depleted of all water content. When this happens, the wood will shrink, crack and finally start to split. 

Seal the Wood

The best way to treat log furniture is to seal it from the outside. There are many products designed to do this, from sanding sealer to polyurethane varnish. Water-based wood sealer dries clear whereas oil-based sealer adds a slight tint to the wood. When sealing the wood, the entire piece of furniture must be thoroughly coated including the end grain. 

Sealing traps necessary moisture inside log furniture to prevent it from drying out, shrinking and eventually splitting.