How to Kill Ants by the Pool How to Kill Ants by the Pool

Ants are nasty and abundant. If your pool is invaded with ants, you need to take some quick steps to eliminate them fast. Following are safe and effective means of getting rid of this menace. You have to be patient and persistent, only then will you see desired results.

  • Diatomaceous earth is an odorless, non toxic powder which is harmful to most insects. It is made up of ground shells of small sea creatures namely diatom. This is a safe, yet effective method of getting rid of ants, who die immediately after consuming this earth.
  • Find the source. Where do the ants get their food supply? Where do they nest? Once you find out how they are being sustained in and around the pool, you can take necessary steps to remove them.
  • Once you have found the anthill, you can take appropriate measures to eliminate the ants within. Soaking some tobacco in water and leaving it overnight makes it potent enough to kill the ants. Pour the solution over the anthill to make it effective. Another simple solution is one of sugar water and boric acid. The ants will be attracted to the sweetness of the water, and its consumption will kill them. This solution can be poured over the swimming pool tiles to work well.

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