How to Kill Black Mold

What You'll Need
Bleach Powder
Vacuum Cleaner
Killing Mold That Has Already Grown

To kill black mold, the most important thing is to prevent it from forming in the first place. Black mold is a type of fungus that grows on ceilings and walls. It not only destroys paint and plaster but also destroys exteriors.

Moist and warm places are ideal for fungal growth. Black mold grows on walls, ceilings and natural material like leather, cotton, wool and paper. There are different ways of killing black mold from different materials. A permanent solution to its extermination is to prevent it from occurring.

  • Laundry Brush

Killing and Removing Formed Stains of Black Mold From Objects

  1. Sprinkle black mold stains on bathroom tiles with bleach powder. Leave it there for ten minutes. The stain decolorizes and also gets disinfected. Scrape off the mold build up with the help of a scraper and then scrub hard with a brush. Clean the tiles with detergent and plenty of water. To avoid recurrence, keep the toilet airy and dry.
  2. To kill black mold from fabrics it is wise to get them dry-cleaned before use, as this can be detrimental to health. Black mold develops on clothes that are not used for a long time. Aerate unused fabrics regularly and expose them to sunlight. Sunlight has the ability to kill bacteria that cause mold formation.
  3. To kill black mold from leather, use a diluted solution of alcohol. Rub an alcohol dampened rag over the mold stain and then wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  4. Books also occasionally have black mold growth. Clean them with a mild detergent solution-dipped rag and leave out in the sunlight to dry.

Permanent Cure

To completely kill black mold, expose affected objects to sunlight and place them in a well-ventilated environment. The key is cleanliness. Regular cleaning, dusting and airing household objects ensures that mold does not form at all. Keep the environment less humid so that bacteria are unable to fester.

How To Kill Mold Formation by Prevention

  1. Keep humidity in control. Keep toilets dry at all times so that water spills do not get time to evaporate. Toilets are part of houses that provide the most favorable conditions for mold to grow. If they are kept dry and ventilated black mold growth can be avoided.
  2. Ventilate houses well. Always leave windows open for at least an hour everyday. This provides ample fresh air capable of destroying unwanted bacteria. Sunlight also helps in disinfecting the house.
  3. Water leaks should be dealt with immediately. Leaking water pipes keep air moisture laden. In case of a leak call a plumber immediately so further damage can be prevented.
  4. Remove dust regularly. Dusting at least once a day helps to keep the air clean.
  5. Install an air purification system. This filters harmful spores that act as seeds to develop fungus.
  6. Install exhaust fans in the cellar. Cellars are the second best favorable environments for mold formation. Whenever working in the cellar turn the exhaust fan on. This will ventilate the room and remove any fungus forming bacteria.
  7. Install an air dehumidifier. In places where the weather remains humid, install a dehumidifier.