How to Kill Carpenter Ants Naturally

What You'll Need
Boric Acid
Diatomaceous Earth
Cotton Balls
Condiment Squeeze Bottle
Grated Cheese Shaker
Rubber Gloves
Vaccuum Cleaner

In order to kill carpenter ants naturally, you will need to use Boric Acid. If you use chemicals or repellent sprays to kill carpenter ants, the ants will avoid the spray and will often move their nests. Sometimes, they even split up the nest to avoid sprayed or baited areas. Attempts to spray or kill the ants may actually increase the infestation because the ants spread out into different areas. Ants usually have one main nest, and up to twenty satellite nests. Spraying ants with chemicals will only kills those ants , but the queen is still left to reproduce. Only about 10 percent of the ants in the nest will ever leave the nest, so you can't tell the size based on the number of ants you see.

Step 1-Find The Nest

Killing the ants you can see doesn't kill the nest. To eliminate your infestation, you'll need to find and kill the queen. Then, you will need to find both the main nest, and all satellite nests, and get rid of those as well. In order to do this you can watch the active ants that first alerted you to the presence of ants.

Typically nests are found in garage door jambs, walls and in the ground near driveways, walkways and stone walls. If you watch the ants long enough, you'll spot their pattern and be able to follow them to their nest. Look for small piles of sawdust left by the ants building their nests.

Step 2-Physically Remove The Nest

Once you find a nest, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum as many ants as possible from the nest. You may have to vacuum more than once. Seal and throw the vacuum bags away immediately to prevent re-infestation. Physically remove the nest, which will often consist of shredded wood, wood shavings, insulation and sawdust. Then, repair damaged structures, if any, and sprinkle with Boric Acid.

Step 3-Remove Conditions That Attract Carpenter Ants

Once you've removed the nest, remove the conditions that attracted ants. The most common conditions are moisture, firewood, and mulch that touches your house. Make sure none of the trees or shrubs in your yard touch your house.

Step 4-Apply Boric Aci And Diatomaceous Earth To Property

Apply Boric Acid, which is a dry powder, to the infestation as far as you can access it. You'll need to put it in a grated cheese shaker where you can shake the powder over the infested area or nest, or use a condiment squeeze bottle to spray or force the powder into hard to reach areas like cracks, door jambs and tunnels.

You can treat large flat areas by mixing a tablespoon of Boric Acid, a teaspoon of ordinary table sugar and 4-ounces of water in a bowl. Pour over cotton balls and place the balls in the path of ants. If outdoors, sprinkle diatomaceuous earth as a barrier to your house, and around the nest to block the ants from moving towards your home.