How to Kill Earwigs with Sawdust How to Kill Earwigs with Sawdust

What You'll Need
An old shoebox (more if needed)
Sawdust (enough to fill at least one shoe box half way- you may need more than one trap)
A bucket
Soap and water

One of the most annoying little bugs you will find in your yard or garden are earwigs. The name comes from an old legend that the insect would crawl into the ear of a human and cause hearing loss or impairment. The idea is unfounded and earwigs are considered safe. Others claim that earwigs use their pincers to pinch if they feel threatened, causing an uncomfortable stinging sensation.

Gardeners find them a nuisance in their plants, claiming that they eat away at the fruit and leaves. Science says otherwise. Earwigs are carnivorous, living on dead or smaller insects. Either way, they are a nuisance. There are various ways to trap and kill them, whether they are in your yard, garden or even inside your house. One effective way is to make a sawdust trap to catch them, and then drown them in soapy water. It is simple and effective.

Step 1 - Make Your Trap

Fill the shoebox halfway with the sawdust.

Step 2 - Set the Trap

Find a shady spot in your yard or your garden, whereever you have the most trouble with earwigs. Set the shoebox in the shade. Make sure the box is set so that it will not get knocked over or kicked. Leave the box there for several nights.

Step 3 - Check Your Trap

After a few days, check the shoebox before the day warms up much. You will have to shake it a little to see if any earwigs have nested in the sawdust. If they haven't, replace the box and leave it for a few more nights.

Step 4 - Kill the Earwigs

Fill up the bucket with soapy water. Empty the bugs, sawdust and all into the bucket. Stirring the sawdust and bugs into the water should kill them.

Earwigs are most active from June through October, and they prefer dark, shaded areas, so set your traps accordingly. A single trap will probably will not get rid of all of your earwigs. If you have a recurring problem, place several traps in strategic locations. You can begin as soon as you see the first earwigs of the season, and continue until you notice a marked decline in the number you find in the sawdust.

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