How to Kill Flying Ants Naturally

What You'll Need
Rolled newspaper
Eco-friendly ant spray

Flying ants can be a nuisance when they occur in or around our homes, even though this problem luckily occurs only a few times a year. As such, we are always looking for different ways of eliminating them. The following are a few ways you can attempt to eliminate these pests naturally.

Step 1 - Recognize Why They Fly

What exactly are flying ants? Some ants sprout wings a few times a year when the weather is nice and conducive for their occurrence. Local colonies swarm and queens will grow wings and rise above the ground with the males around them. Due to their wings, they can travel quite a distance and find new partners to mate with and develop new ant colonies. Once the female has chosen her partner and mated with him, she falls to the ground and her wings lose their ability to fly. Males on the other hand fall to the ground and die after mating. This whole process is just a short cycle. However, it's mandatory to kill them before their wings sprout so that they don’t have a chance to make new colonies, therefore increasing their number.

Step 2 - Eliminate the Flying Ants Inside

A stack of newspaper

A simple way of killing the flying ants in your home is to smash them with a rolled up newspaper. Sometimes the ants collect in an open window, and that’s when it is easiest to kill them. Shut the window carefully and go on a rampage with a newspaper or any other object that will do the trick. If the ants are too many, another homemade method you can try is to mix some soapy water in a spray bottle and use it on the ants until they die.

Step 3 - Tackle the Outside Area with Spray

Check out any area outside that might have ant hills or colonies. Tackle them seriously so that they don’t multiply in the future and become a bigger nuisance. Use a spray that is eco-friendly and organic so that it doesn’t harm plants or animals on contact, yet kills the ants.

Step 4 - Make a Pesticide Powder

Honey in a jar

You can buy ant pesticide powder to get rid of these pests as well, but it's better to make your own because you can use natural ingredients, and it will be less harmful to pets and children. A tried and tested recipe combines half a teaspoon of honey, borax, and aspartame. Sprinkle this generously over each ant mound, and the ants will carry the mixture back to the rest of the colony, killing them all as a result. This method is sure shot and ensures the elimination of the ant colony.

Step 5 - Prevent Reoccurring Infestations

Once you have managed to tackle the issue, make sure you take precautionary steps so the problem doesn't reoccur. Keep your home clean, your windows closed, and fix any other openings in your exterior. If there are any ant hills in your yard or close to your home, eliminate them as soon as they are spotted with the help of a natural spray or your homemade powder mentioned above.