How to Kill Gypsy Moths Effectively

If you're not careful, the number of gypsy moths in your garden can get out of control. Here are some tips on how to keep the gypsy moth numbers down.

1. Pesticides

If you choose to use pesticides, keep in mind that they only work for moth caterpillars. In other words, pesticides won't help in any other stage of the moth's life. If you use this pesticide, read the label closely and be certain the product is good for gypsy moth caterpillars.

2. Insecticidal Soap

This can be purchased at most garden centers, and it also kills gypsy moth caterpillars. To use it you'll need to gather up the caterpillars and drop them into a soap and water mix.

3. Sticky Bands

You can use sticky bands to capture caterpillars while they're moving up into trees to feed right after hatching, or if they've fallen from the tree. The best period to do this is in early May to late July.

Find some dry bark, about the height of your midsection, and put duct tape around the tree. Place the sticky part toward the bark, making it approximately five inches wide, tucking the tape into the bark's folds. Smear some Tanglefoot on the tape, and after you're done applying it, check it regularly to keep insects and dirt off the tape.

One of these methods should help you keep your gypsy moth numbers low.